About us

Our success has been achieved through the team’s enthusiasm in luxury cars and willingness to reject compromise on service. The wishes and emotions of our customers are the guiding principles behind our every action.

We have consolidated the UAE’s most desirable cars on the market (for sale & rent) along with premium services for your convenience creating a perfect ecosystem at your fingertips. To cater for the elite around the world we have streamlined the searching, storage, transport & inspecting of your dream car as time is money.

The UAE is without a doubt a hub for the finest and rarest cars on earth. The countries luxury car market segment is projected to reach US$436.40m in 2022 and we at luxurycarmarket.ae have contributed to the growth by connecting sellers in the UAE with both local and international buyers.

luxurycarmarket.ae will be the preeminent resource to find, transport, store and inspect luxury cars across the globe